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Andy Perry

What is your favorite feature in the SNOCRU app?

You can find out weather at each resort really easy.

What motivates you?

Trying new tricks and being creative.

What is your goal for the 2014/15 season?

Making my ski tour, "Tell A Friend Tour" a really fun time for everyone that comes. I would also like to hit some street rails again and film some kinda segment.

SNOCRU is reporting a 20 inch dump, where are you going?

Some place in Japan!

What makes you different than other skiers?

The tricks I try and do. I try and focus on things no one else would ever think of.

First trick of the day?

Ski Slide on a rail or box. Carve strait air on a jump.

Why ____(insert home mountain)___?

Why do I dislike my home mountain Bristol located in western NY? Go ski at that place it sucks. Most of the people suck. It just sucks. But could be worse..

What kind of skiing do you love most?

Powder skiing. I just dont get to do it enough.

Why work with SNOCRU?

Its a group of like mined people that enjoy skiing. So why not?

What “Turn the Mountains On!” means to you?

Its like when a girl turns you on. You just ready to go! By girl I mean girlfriend. Love you Emily!