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Rob Aseltine

What is your favorite feature in the SNOCRU app?

CRU - Finding out which of my friends bailed first on what turned into a really good afternoon and later telling them how much they missed out on an epic day.

What motivates you?

About 4 cups of coffee… and lots of snow.

What is your goal for the 2014/15 season?

Film and photowork, Last year was a bit of a scratch so I am super ambitious to log some new lines, try some new tricks and get them published.

SNOCRU is reporting a 20 inch dump, where are you going?

Alta in the morning, Brighton sidecountry in the afternoon.

What makes you different than other skiers?

There is always more snow where I ski. Most people are always crossing other peoples tracks and crashing in bomb holes… that just never happens to me.

You’re in the air what’s your go to trick?

straight & clean backflip


Skiing only. Kidding, I love snowboarding. Alta because it’s always really good snow and friends are abundant. It’s not hard to bump into someone and just start seasoning any one of the thousand classic lines.

What kind of skiing do you love most?

I could be skiing park, hitting a backcountry step down, rallying groomers or just slashing pow and I’m stoked. There are no “kinds” of skiing to me. It’s all skiing.

Why work with SNOCRU?

SNOCRU is about connecting people and creating better experiences in the mountains. What’s not to love about that?!

What does “Turn the Mountains On!” mean to you?

Technology invades our lives faster than we can comprehend, we latch onto it and rely on it to progress or at least feel like we are progressing. There are negative studies and views about how it will affect our species. Some of us still cling onto the authenticity of exploring the mountains without technology as “that’s how it was and should always be.” Sometimes solitude is just what one needs and I can completely agree with that argument on some occasions. However, having travelled much and spent many days alone and with friends, the days that I remember are the ones with friends, the ones I didn’t really plan and something awesome happened. Snocru enables and encourages that. So when I “turn the mountains on, it means, I’m going skiing. You coming?!