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Julian Carr

What is your favorite feature in the SNOCRU app?

I love that I can know where my friends are, but I can see where other shredders are too, to make new friends.

What motivates you?

Early morning and powder.

What is your goal for the 2014/15 season?

To be happy and healthy and ski as much as possible.

SNOCRU is reporting a 20 inch dump, where are you going?


What makes you different than other skiers?

I love them big cliffs.

Why Alta (LCC)?

Sitzmark! haha

What kind of skiing do you love most?

Powder skiing!

Why work with SNOCRU?


What “Turn the Mountains On!” means to you?

Time to ski!

Who taught you how to ski?

Well my mom is responsible for getting me on the hill for my first time on skis in 8th grade. In 5th grade I tried snowboarding and jacked my knee first run…. so I wan't too excited to try skiing. Once I got on skis though I immediately felt at home on skis, which was odd since I had skateboarded my whole life. I just watched people from the lift and it just made sense. Fell in love. Knew I'd be skiing forever in an instant.

Do you have any notable accomplishments in skiing? Awards?

I'm healthy and happy after 8 years of professional skiing! I'll call that an accom-plishment haha. I have some world records in cliff jumping, a Sickbird Award, Photo of the Year from Powder Magazine and some other stuff. But really I just love to ski pow!

Who is/are your hero(s) in skiing?

Anyone that is out there smiling loving this sport!

Who is/are your here(s) in life outside of skiing?

John Stockton.

If you weren't a professional athlete, what would be your dream job?

Pro musician. Can you imagine being on stage and feeling the pulsing energy of tens of thousands of people sharing their energy with music you have created? WOW. But really, I do run a clothing brand I founded, www.discreteclothing.com, check it out!

What turns you on?

Simple complexities. Like a well drawn maze.

Would you like to share any final thoughts with us?

Go ski some pow and smile!