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Brock Butterfield

What is your favorite feature in the SNOCRU app?

My top speed. I like to go real, real fast. So fast that my cheeks flap. And not the cheeks on my face…

What motivates you?

Working less to be able to live more.

What is your goal for the 2014/15 season?

Bus Life Adventure! If you haven’t seen it, I’ve converted a short 4x4 school bus into a Tiny Home with a snowmobile deck. We’ll be filming a documentary and 6 web episodes during the winter.

SNOCRU is reporting a 20 inch dump, where are you going?

Snowbird first tram and then hit the back country when the conditions permit.

What makes you different than other riders?

I don’t have a large intestine/colon. No really. I don’t.

Why ____(insert home mountain)___?

I still claim Beaver Mountain as my home mountain because it’s where I grew up and is one of the last Mom and Pop resorts in the Western US.

What kind of snowboarding do you love most?

Big mountain and back country are my favorite but slushy spring days come in a close second.

Where is BusLife Adventure going to take you next winter (15/16)?

That’s the beauty of the bus life. I’ll go wherever it dumps. Wake up in the morning and check my SNOCRU app with my favorite resorts and start driving.

Why work with SNOCRU?

On a personal level I know the man behind the wizard curtain at SNOCRU and from day one I knew he had a brilliant idea. I love being a part of and supporting good people with good ideas. Ed Lewis, you’re the man!

What “Turn the Mountains On!” means to you?

Turn The Mountains On to me means get on that chair lift and find your homies already shredding and link up for fist bumps and high fives. Maybe some of those spread eagles that skiers do too. Those are legit!